Joss Tantram

Joss Tantram

Joss is a founding partner at Terrafiniti LLP, a pioneering sustainability and systems consultancy.

Joss Tantram is a recognised expert in sustainable corporate strategy, reporting and management, working with clients on topics as varied as sustainable construction, sustainable procurement, public engagement and the financial valuation of sustainable business practice.

Joss has worked extensively with WWF-International to develop programmes supporting innovation in corporate sustainability. Most notably with ESD Consulting Ltd to design and deliver One Planet Leaders, a global executive development programme in sustainability. From 2007-10 this has attracted delegates from some of the world's largest companies to programmes in the UK and Switzerland.

Prior to working in consultancy, Joss was a co-founder of WWF-UK's Business Education Unit. He was responsible for the concept and development of, To Whose Profit?: Building a Business Case for Sustainability, and was co-author of To Whose Profit?(ii): Evolution – Building Sustainable Corporate Strategy.

What do our participants think about Joss Tantram?
• Pleasent work forms
• Clear message: the world will only last longer if we take care of sustainability
• He brings different perspectives that are needed for future visions
• Combination of theory and group assignments

Gemiddelde sprekersbeoordeling: 7,3 (27 mei 2014, collegereeks 'Visieontwikkeling en trends')

"Als je een hek om mensen heen zet, krijg je schapen." Mathieu Weggeman (leiderschapsexpert)